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About Us

Where flowers are our inspiration

About Us

Where flowers are our inspiration

Who we are

Florentina Export is a recognized cut flowers trading company who differentiates itself from other due to the higher quality standards of its products, complying all requirements from the most demanding international markets. We work with passion to offer our customers top quality cut flowers.


Fulfilling our customer’s needs with flowers of the highest quality at an international level, taking care of our processes of selection, handling, transportation and product delivery to the final destination with high standards allowing us to generate trust to our clients.


In 2022 Florentina Export will be consolidated as the best quality flowers provider in the international flowers trading sector, due to the high standards applied to our product and the compliance in each phase of the process, strengthening its business model to fulfills the goals of expansion and profitability that have been set, to reach an ideal, harmonic and organized growth.

Corporative Philosophy

Our Corporative Philosophy is based on three fundamental principles:

Quality, Compliance and Trust

Quality: Well taken care of proccesses can only lead to succesful results. That´s what is understood by “Quality” in Florentina Export.
Compliance: In Florentina Export we only have one synonym for the word “Compliance”: RESPECT.

Trust: It is the result of doing things with love, commitment and responsibility. That is why Florentina Export is a realiable company, because our compromise, being the best commercializers of flowers, is in our DNA and strengthens day by day with sought for ideal results in each one of our processes.

That is why QUALITY and COMPLIANCE generate TRUST.

Corporative Values

QUALITY: Being the best is the result of offering the best.

COMPLIANCE: We control each phase of our commercial activites so that the proccesses are finished in due time, so they are done the right way and fulfilling the expectations of our clients.

TRUST: We do what we promise we would in our missionary task, with transparency, respect to morals and adjusting ourselves to every legal frame needed.

CREATIVITY: Each client is unique and has specific needs, so we adapt to what clients require.

MISTIQUE: We are convinced of delivering the best because, from the start, we do our job with excellence.

COHERENCE: We think and act in agreement with our personal and laboral objectives, and also with what our clients look for in relation to what the business can satisfy.

Historical Outline

Florentina Export was born in Ríonegro, Antioquia, in the year 2013 as an small family business in support of Korean trading companies. We stablished all necessary procedures in order to reach desired eastern quality standards. Our flowers rapidly reach the first places in this market due to its quality, freshness and durability. As orders increased, Florentina was naturally required to grow and to have their own farms to support the customers in Korea, Canada, Japan and Middle East. We are proud to show to the world the best Colombian export product, CUT FRESH FLOWERS.

Now Florentina Export can offer 21 different products which have as their core hydrangeas, cultivated from the best farms, due to which they have high quality characteristics.

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