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Of all the wonders of creation, maybe flowers are the predestined ones to accompany each of the historical episodes and events of humanity. The Lotus Flower, for example, is one of the most emblematic and representative species of the egyptian flora, to which a very important spiritual richness was conferred, besides the great ceremonial value it bore. The Christian Bible contains more than 25 verses in which flowers are mentioned and World Literature is full of works, either in prose or in verse, devoted to them be it as a source of inspiration or even including flowers as characters. The camellia flower has been immortalized by Alexandre Dumas, fils, who, turned it into another character of his now most famous novel The Lady of the Camellias. Other relevant works are Flowers in the Attic, by V. C. Andrews; The Black Tulip, by Alexandre Dumas; The Rose Breeder, by Charlotte Link; The Day You Dream with Wild Flowers, by Paola Calasanz; The Language of Flowers, by Vanessa Diffenbaugh and another thousand titles could be listed. That without mentioning films such as The Flowers of War, Petals on the Wind, Fireworks, Flowers from Another World or the so very colombian adaptation of the The Little Match Seller by Hans Christian Andersen,  The Rose Seller (called originally La vendedora de rosas).

Flowers are present in all of man´s creative activities and they are considered in each of the countries of the five continents, as a gift which is never ill-timed.  It is a real relief to know that, even in the razing coming of technology and of the daily possibility of having access to virtual worlds where, in a matter of seconds, photographs, animations, pre-designed images of flowers can be sent in especial occasions, with the sender believing that the said virtual message replaces a real flower, there are those who still take the time to buy a real flower or a bouquet and send it or take it personally to the addressee, because nothing, for sure, compares to what a person feels who receives a floral gift.

Flowers are love, and everything that is good is related to them. Painters for centuries have extracted pigments from very diverse petals, with which they then try to imitate the magnificence of nature in their paintings; perfumes were also born of flowers, from times immemorial and as ancient is the adoration of the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, of whom it is said that she loved roses and it is due to it that today and throughout history, this type of flower is associated to all things romantic. There is even a discipline that, since Victorian Times defined a beautiful manual with the meaning of flowers: Floriography, which also includes the relationship of flowers with the social codes that are established when they are given as gifts.

Alexandra Spurt, expert in Public Relations and advisor in fashion to the New Woman portal, holds that “Giving flowers is another form of communication, because with them we want to send a message that can replace words; it is a way to express our feelings, those that we never dare to declare or that we don´t know how to declare.” Besides flowers are NEVER out of date and the will continue to be the first guests in the most important events in the life of humanity, from the cradle to the tomb, and the flower which is bought in the most exclusive Flower Shop is as relevant as the flower which is stolen from someone else´s garden, in order to give it to a loved one. We give flowers out of love and all that love inspires, it is worthwhile to do it and to do it again, so forget your shame and give away flowers in abundance as many times as you can, because a flower is the indelible sign of the blessing of God on earth.


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